WOD – Saturday 1/26

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 5 min AMRAP w/a monster band
10 squats
10 steps left
10 squats
10 steps right

The Port squat mobility

Back squat – 6×2; building
*start at 65% and add 5% each set
Heavy back squats for the week. Looking back to last weeks rep scheme, we ended with a set of 2. Use that to direct your plan for today. Like Monday’s deadlift session, because the weights will be such a high percentage, make sure to take your time between lifts. Need enough time to recover.

“Divine Intervention”
5 rounds
40t walking lunges
30 cals row
20 hollow rocks
10 ring dips
Pretty straightforward workout. Some different movements involved and again, some more ring dips. But one movement won’t affect the next so keep moving, consistently.

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