WOD – Saturday 1/13

I would like each of you to come in this week with some goals for the goal board. They can be anything from professional goals to personal goals that don’t even need to be gym related. Of course, gym goals are welcomed. Figure out something that gets you pumped up. Something that when you think about achieving it, you want to get off the couch and start right now. Make it epic.

Sign into Wodify and spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds for quality
6 burpees
8 power cleans
10 strict press/push press/push jerks
*add weight throughout the warm-up; focus on perfect movement

Quick shoulder mobility to prep for OH
Some hamstring and calf stretching to prep for clean

Weightlifting complex – 1 power clean + 3 S2OH
Make sure we are always prioritizing footwork in the shoulder to OH movements. But today, let’s work on our lockout. Finish with our head through, really active shoulders and arms locked out before the movement is finished. Quick and snappy.

In teams of 3
3000m row; must switch every 250m
15 rope climbs
However, each member must complete 150 air squats during the workout at any time. Your teams workout is not finished until the row, rope climbs AND all the air-squats are completed.
This one should be fun. Only one person working at a time. Row must be finished before moving on. The air squats can be done whenever they want. Bring all rope climb progressions to the table.

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