WOD – Saturday 10/20

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 rounds w/light wall ball and a buddy
10 chest passes
10 rotational tosses (each side)
10 OH passes
10 squat passes

Quick mobility session

A1. SA DB/KB push press – 4x8e
A2. SA DB/KB bent over row – 4x8e
*both done AHAP. The heavier, the better. Use KB’s if needed.

“Ball Buster”
Wall balls
But, after every round. complete
200m run
20 G2OH (45/25#)
Just a mental “kick to the nuts” workout because it is an ascending rep scheme with no relief. The run and ground to overhead do not decrease as the wall ball reps do. Which is going to make pacing incredibly difficult.

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