WOD – Saturday 11/23

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then 2 rounds of
20 banded pull-throughs
20t walking lunges

Quick mobility session as a class

A1. Stiff legged DB deadlifts – 4×8; AHAP
A2. Walking lunges – 4x30t

Stiff legged deadlifts will really engage the posterior chain but will also require you to emphasize a flat lower back. Because the stiff-legged deadlifts allow for less of a leg bend, the ROM is cut short. Meaning you will not touch the ground between each rep every time. So make sure you understand the difference before you grab the heaviest DB’s. Find a weight that finds balance. Heavy enough to challenge you and help build some strength but light enough so you do not wake up with a sore back tomorrow.

“Onside Attempt”
20 min AMRAP
400m run
Rest exactly how long it took you to run.
Score is number of full laps + extra meters.
As simple as the workout seems, it is an incredible opportunity to work on something you might have learned in the open. How well do you know yourself as an athlete and how well can you use that knowledge to pace a workout?

Today’s workout is an excellent opportunity to train and practice that. Approach this workout as if it were “for distance.” Maximizing your distance here will require you to be smart about your pace. Design a flexible plan and go for it. No matter what happens, you will learn a lot about your capacity. If 400m is a long distance for you, then modify to something you can get done under two minutes each round.

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