WOD – Saturday 12/14

3 rounds of increasing weight
10/8 cals on any machine
10 strict press/push press/push jerks
10 deadlifts

Shoulder mobility to prep fro strength

Push jerk – 3×3 w/80 to 85%
Make sure we are working on the two most important positions of the push jerk. The bottom of the dip, chest up, knees out, weight in your heels, and the catch position. Knees bent, hips slightly back and your head through. Since the volume of this session is so low, take your time warming up with good reps, making sure you dial in solid mechanics as you ad weight.

Push Jerks (165/115#)(135/95#)
Burpee pull-ups
Med ball cleans, x2
Intended stimulus – They are prescribed push jerks which means the legs will be key to move a pretty heavy weight. But the med ball cleans will have a lot to say about how those legs feel. So be ready for a little localized fatigue and push through. Find a way to keep moving and step out of your comfort zone today when you put weight on the bar. You might not go unbroken in the first couple of rounds, and that’s ok, that’s the point today.

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