WOD – Saturday 2/15

Spend 2 minutes on either a rower or AB
Then, complete 3 rounds
10e DB strict press
10 ring rows
10 plate raises

Quick group mobility session

A1. DB strict press – 4×8
A2. DB split stance bent over row – 4x8e
A3. DB side raises – 4×15

Saturday SweatFest
10 min EMOM
15/12 cals row
Rest 1:00
10 min EMOM
15/12 cals AB
Intended stimulus – unlike the last time we did sprints on the assault bike, we shouldn’t look to get buried in either one of these EMOM’s. This is about finding the right number of calories for you that best helps you achieve the intended stimulus. Think about holding 75 to 80% of your max effort for :40. That should be around what these calories take you. Yes, some might do them quicker, but sustaining that time will be tricky if you have to move too quickly and work too hard in doing so.

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