WOD – Saturday 3/2

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds with a light DB
10t DB snatches
10t standing strict press
10t OH lunges

Monster band shoulder mobility

A1. Seated DB strict press OR strict HSPU – 4×8; AHAP
A2. Banded pull-aparts – 4×20
Upper body push and some upper body hypertrophy. Like the pull-ups we did earlier in the week, the HSPU’s are a very tough movement, but one that everyone can work towards. It requires an incredible amount of upper body strength. Think about putting your body weight on a barbell and strict pressing it overhead. Very difficult. Use today as an opportunity to really spice up your strength session . If you are confident upside down but lack the pushing strength pair some HS negatives with some seated DB presses. If HSPU’s are your thing, keep them strict and make them hard.

“4 Rings”
4 rounds
20/16 cals AB
20t walking lunges
20 push-ups
Another straightforward triplet. The only problem here is the bike is going to have a lot to say about the lunges. Don’t listen. Get off the bike and get right into those lunges.

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