WOD – Saturday 3/23

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds of
5 down dog push-ups
10 ring rows
15 sit-ups
:20 HS hold

Rotational movements to prep for the bench

4 sets DB bench press
20 banded seated rows
1:00 KB front rack hold
Different strength for today. Kind of a body maintenance type day. Work on getting some accessory muscles stronger so the can assist a little bit better in the compound lifts. Build or stay across in the bench press, up to you.

“Lead Foot”
10 rounds
200m run
Rest 1:30
Running!!!!! How pumped is the Port to see this back? Be careful coming back into it, shorter distances but overall more running than most of us have done in the last 4 months. The goal here is consistency, not to have the fastest and slowest round. Pace each one as you would in a workout knowing there might be work to do when you came in the door. That way we can learn from today’s intervals.

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