WOD – Saturday 6/27

7 min AMRAP
10 ring rows
10 push-ups
10/8 cals on any machine
:30 plank hold

4 rounds
10e SA robots
10t seated OH tricep extensions
10e DB step-ups

18 min AMRAP
5 strict pull-ups
5 strict HSPU’s
15/12 cals on any machine
:30 hollow hold
:30 rest
So much fun. Strict gymnastics with a little cardio. Today your challenge is to have 2 different scaling options. Start with something more challenging but as you start to breakdown, move to something a little easier. Hold yourself accountable to perfect reps and be proud of your effort when you are all done.

18 min AMRAP
10t bent over rows
10t DB strict press
15/12 cals on any machine
:30 hollow hold
:30 rest

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