WOD – Saturday 7/20

3 rounds
10/8 cals row
8e step-ups
6 double push-up burpees

Box mobility session

A1. Weighted step-ups – 4x6e
A2. Weighted or GHD sit-ups – 4×15
Since incorporating a lot more unilateral training, this gym has gotten so much stronger in movements like the step-up and lunges. Real-life is always single leg or single arm so that is really functional strength. Climbing stairs, climbing a ladder, putting things into shelves overhead, or even doing yard work around the house. All of those tasks require arms and legs to operate individually, not together.

“Center Piece”
Buy in – 600m run
Squat cleans (95/65#)(75/55#)
Ring dips
Buy out – 600m run
Coming in from the run and starting the squat cleans is going to be a huge mental hurdle. Be ready for it. Find a pace and stick to it. Sometimes with light squat cleans, smaller sets with minimal rest in between might be the most efficient approach. The bar should be light enough as to where we complete 3 or 4 big sets in the 21’s, 2 or 3 big sets in the 15’s, and no more than 2 sets in the 9’s.

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