WOD – Saturday 7/4

The best holiday. Hands down. Happy Independence Day!

3 rounds of increasing intensity
1:30 on rower in Z1
1:00 plank hold
:30 step-ups

All tracks
25 min AMRAP
50/40 cals AB
800m run
50 sit-ups
25 Russian KBS
50 box jump overs
Head down and keep moving. Try to start and stay in 3rd gear. Approach each movement not by looking at how many reps you have to do, but rather how long the workout is. If you were asked to run for 25 minutes straight, you wouldn’t sprint at any point during that run. The same goes for today’s workout. Don’t try to connect box jump overs because typically you are really good at them. Fit them into your pace and alter you movement based on the overall goal.

P@YP option
25 min AMRAP
100 DU’s
1000m run
50 sit-ups
20e SA DB swings
50 box jump overs

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