WOD – Saturday 7/15

10 minutes to get in 5 rounds of Rowling
Round 1 – squats
Round 2 – sit-ups
Round 3 – push-ups
Round 4 – pull-ups
Round 5 – burpees

Mobility + Skill
Handstand mobility for the strength
Warm-up and go over the important cues of the HS

12 min EMOM
Even – 150’ farmers carry
Odds – 30’ HS walk or :30 HS hold
GPP training. Make this applicable to you and your skill/strength level.

“The Outlaw”
600m run
50/40 cals AB
30 push-ups
20 ring dips
10 strict ring pull-ups
One round. AFAP. That many calories will take some time so there will be heats run in class. Plenty of time left for it. Please don’t switch the order.

Cool Down
5 minutes on a bike
5 minutes on a foam roller

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