WOD – Saturday 8/10

1:00 on AB
Then, 3 rounds w/PVC
10 dislocates
10 behind the neck presses
10 OHS
1:00 on AB

OHS mobility session

1 snatch balance + 1 OHS – Build to a heavy single
Off the rack, we are going to work on catching the bar with a strong overhead position with the bar in the correct position in the snatch balance and then core engagement and leg strength in the OHS. This being such a difficult complex, putting a ton of weight on the bar isn’t the only way to improve today. If you are comfortable with these two lifts, challenge yourself with weight. If you are still working on gaining confidence with a barbell OH, then finding a weight that you can control and completing 5 or 6 lifts with that weight will help you improve your technique and consistency.

“Rise and Grind”
Buy in: 40/30 cal row
3 rounds
400m run
30 step-ups (50/35#)(40/25#)
15 T2B
Buy out: 40/30 cal row
*step-ups are done with 1DB held however and wherever you want.
This one starts out with a 40/30 calorie row and ends with a 40/30 calorie row. So only done 2 times. In the middle of the 2 rows, you must complete 3 rounds of the run, step-ups, and T2B. Keep in mind that you only need 1 dumbbell for the step-ups and it can be held in your hands, put on one shoulder, or behind the neck. Up to you. You must, however, alternate legs with the step-ups. Once you are done with the last round of T2B, hop back on the rower and finish the buyout. Pacing here is not going to be an issue because fatigue will force rest before your heart rate does. Be smart and break these movements up on a very individual basis allowing yourself to recover before you go to failure on the step-ups and T2B.

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