WOD – Saturday 8/3

Monster band driven shoulder mobility

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, complete the following with an empty bar
15 strict press
15 push press
15 split jerks
*coach led; building towards good positioning in the split jerk

Spilt jerk – 6 to 8 reps at a challenging weight every :90
A very popular quote amongst weightlifting coaches is “anyone can clean and anyone can snatch, but only champions can jerk”. Makes tremendous sense because the split jerk is bar far the hardest movement in our repertoire. You can’t fake a split jerk. Which means attention to form and working on getting better will help tremendously when it comes to execution.
1. The dip and the drive is the single most important piece to the lift. If you screw up in this portion, the lift is over.
2. The bar must be in a good rack position with it sitting on your shoulders and elbows slightly in front of the bar.
3. The footwork must be on point. Make sure you understand where your feet are supposed to go and try to hit those sports every time.
4. The OH position must be strong so make sure you are supporting the weight with your lats, not your arms.

“Gitty Up”
600m run
2 rounds
21 sit-ups
21 wall balls
400m run
2 rounds
15 sit-ups
15 wall balls
200m run
2 rounds
9 sit-ups
9 wall balls
Not much here. Run and then 2 rounds of wall balls and sit-ups. The runs and reps decrease as you progress so keep working and keep the rests quick.

How about a cool down?!

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