WOD – Sunday 1/28

The Port Open: Battle of the Sexes is coming. Not sure what The Open is? Coaches will be giving you specifics in class this week. Note: you don’t have to be an RX athlete to join the battle. All members are welcome to participate. It’s a TON of FUN!


Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10t step-ups
10 ring rows
10 wall balls
10 sit-ups

Quick group mobility session

30 min EMOM
1. 10t DB weighted step-ups (24/20”)
2. 20t DB renegade rows (50/35#)
3. 10 DB burpees
4. 20 hollow rocks
5. 10 DB thrusters
6. Rest
Nice crusher EMOM. All 4 movements are done with DB’s, obviously, the hollow rock is not.
Step-ups – done by holding the DB’s in the suitcase position and simply stepping up to full extension at the top and back down, alternating legs each time, complete 10t.
Renegade rows – DB’s on the floor, hands on the DB’s in the plank position, row the DB’s to your rib cage. You know, the easy part of a man-maker.
DB burpees – holding the DB’s in the suitcase position, put them down on the ground, complete a burpee and then stand up with them in your hands, NO JUMP. That’s one.

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