WOD – Sunday 10/27

3 to 4 rounds
:30 on any machine
20t walking lunges
15 light banded pull-throughs
10 hanging knee tucks

Posterior chain prep

10 min EMOM
Evens – 10 heavy weighted step-ups
Odds – 3 high box jumps
Speed work; even though the step-ups are supposed to be heavy, it doesn’t mean it should stop you from moving well. Find a balance between crushing weight and moving too quickly. Find a set of dumbbells that will make you work but let you move with purpose.

“A liddle”
Wall balls
Intended stimulus – find a pace a keep moving. This would be a 10k pace. Not spirting, but allows not jogging. Find a way to keep completing reps.
Today neither movement are difficult in execution, meaning they do not require a tremendous amount fo skill, but doing them well will cut out any extra movement and therefore make you as efficient as possible. When you are being efficient and not wasting anything you can keep moving forward. When you have to complete 150 wall balls and 150 sit-ups, moving forward is key.

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