WOD – Sunday 11/26

10 minutes today. Find a place and a time to do nothing. Zero.

Start with a lax ball on the shoulders for 1 min each side.
Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10 push-ups
10 KBS (light)
10 hanging leg raises

Pec and shoulder stretch on the wall

Gymnastics EMOM – 8 minutes total
Evens – 5 to 10 HSPU’s or progression
Odds – 20 Russian KBS (heavy – 70/53#)

“Getting Chippy”
4 min running clock; complete 3 rounds
10 ring rows
5 front squats (165/115#)(135/95#)
Then, ME cals on AB in time remaining
Rest 2:00
4 min running clock; complete 1 round AFAP
150 DU’s
10 clean and jerks
Then, AMRAP of burpees in time remaining
The second workout will prove to be tricky to even get 1 burpee. However, don’t go super light on the C&J’s, going unbroken should be a very, very hard task.

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