WOD – Sunday 2/24

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 rounds
5 strict pull-ups or ring rows
5 inchworms w/push-up
10 knee tucks
10 KBS
15 shoulder taps
15 sit-ups

Group mobility session

“Memories Frozen in Time”
2 rounds
1000m row
50 Russian KBS (53/35#)(44/26#)
30 goblet squats
Buy Out: 40 T2B
So another cool workout to end the week. 2 rounds of the row, swing and squat, then finish with 40 T2B. Should be nice a sweaty. Take your time warming up and stretched out. Loose shoulders and hip flexors will go a long way in this one.

Use any extra time to check off something from this week’s PortComplete.

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