WOD – Sunday 3/17

Spend 4 minutes on a bike, rower or ski erg
Then, joint mobility as a class

9 min EMOM
1. 15 DB bench press
2. :30 hollow hold
3. 10 rings rows
Quick bodybuilding strength session. Quick set-up, quick execution and quick break down. Use the time you have to the highest level of productivity. Make the DB’s heavy in the bench and set up as parallel as possible in the ring rows.

“Keep it Casual”
2 rounds for calories
2 min AB
2 min rest
2 min row
2 min rest
2 min ski
2 min rest
Oh boy. Instead of attacking this one 2 minutes at a time, approach each interval as a part of a 24-minute workout in which you are working for exactly 12 minutes. Meaning if I put you on a bike and told you to accumulate as many calories as you could in 12 minutes, what might your pace look like. Find that pace and then turn up the intensity by 1 notch. There is your pace.

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