WOD – Sunday 4/29

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds of an evolving warm-up
Deadlifts – bent over rows – strict press
Muscle cleans – push press
Power cleans – push jerks

Group mobility session

Power clean and push jerk – build to a heavy single in 15 min
Both power movements. Good time to really drill in form. Those who are still working on form could build to a comfortable weight and complete a 6 to 8 minute EMOM.

“Fit to be Tied”
14 min AMRAP
SA KB complex left side
15 cal row
SA KB complex right side
20t walking goblet lunges

The SA KB complex
12 KB deadlifts
9 Russian swings
6 S2OH
*all movements done on one side
Rx KB weight is 53/35#.

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