WOD – Sunday 9/24

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10 KBS
10 KB strict press
10 ring rows

Full foam roller session
Pec stretch against the wall
Runner’s stretch
Calf stretch

3 rounds
10e DB side bends
10 close grip DB bench press
15e DB bent over rows
20 banded pull-aparts
Nothing to it. Some bodybuilding, some core. Everyone is happy and shredded.

“Hot Diggity-Dog”
7 rounds
10 thrusters (95/65#)(75/55#)
100m shuttle sprint (50 down/50 back)
This is one of those workouts that you can move through and complete no problem, but if you push it, give it a little more, it becomes exponentially harder. Thrusters should be UB each round and the run should be a sprint, not a jog. Take the time needed before picking up the bar again, but don’t waste time drinking some water, chalking your hands and walking around. Take a few deep breaths and get after it.

Accessory Work
800m cool down run

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