**WOD – Team Series Week 5**

This week will be scheduled in class and during the open gym time on Thursday. If your team cannot commit to that please make sure you ask a coach about doing it during a different time. Since there is no strength portion you are still expected to take part in class and not be distracting. You must come in on time, warm up with the class and then workout during the class WOD. Week 4 proved to be another close one, good luck on week 5.

Team series WOD; Week 5 (Rx)
200 wall balls (20/14#)
200 KBS (70/53#)
200 HSPU’s

Team series WOD; Week 5 (Scaled)
200 wall balls (14/10#)
200 KBS (53/35#)
200 hand release push-ups

**20 min time cap**

One M/F pair is to be working at a time but nothing needs to be synchronized. Break up reps however you want, but all work must be done before you move on to the next movement.

HSPU standards will be rigid. No tape needed, but you must finish the rep with your arms locked out and your feet still on the wall, no falling off reps. Good luck to all on this one, might be the hardest one yet.

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