WOD – Thursday 11/30

Let’s make sure we are spending a few minutes assuring that we have picked everything up, put everything back neatly and wiped all your equipment down. You spending 60 seconds picking up after yourselves saves your coach 60 minutes cleaning up after a whole class.

800m row – spend the first 400m in Z1, then pick it up slightly and spend the last 400m in Z2
Afterwards, 2 rounds
10 OHS w/PVC
5 strict pull-ups or ring rows
10 push-ups

Spend 2 minutes with a lax ball on the shoulders
Then, use a barbell on a rack to stretch the shoulders
Standing child’s pose
Bully stretch
Sink stretch

5 rounds
Sled pull – 50m
Waiter carry – 50m
Been a while since we pulled sleds. Needs to be done more. Very beneficial. Make sure they are as heavy as possible. But you should always be moving. Pump those legs, keep your core engaged and drive forward the entire 50m.

“Walk on Water”
W/a partner
50 cals AB
40 deadlifts (155/105#)(135/95#)
30 burpee box jump overs (24/20”)
50 cals AB
40 hang power cleans
30 burpee box jump overs
50 cals AB
40 front squats
30 burpee box jump overs
Lots of reps between two people so make sure you have a good plan of attack going into this one. All reps are split and only one person working at a time.
Medium weight bar for the limiting movement.

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