WOD – Thursday 12/12

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds with an empty bar
10 strict press
10 ring rows

Should mobility on a rack
Trap smash
Tri stretch
Sink stretch
Standing child’s pose

A1. Strict press – 5×5 with the same weight as 12/6
A2. Pull-ups – 5 ME sets staying away from failure
A classic push and pull with the opportunity to really work on personal weaknesses. If you are someone who is working towards your first pull-up or HSPU today is a day to take one more step towards achieving that incredible milestone. Really focus on putting 100% effort into your strength session and be proud of it at the end of the day.

“Accomplice to the Crime”
Get ‘er done with a buddy
500 DU’s
150 push press (75/55#)(65/45#)
100 T2B
Intended stimulus – quick bursts. Tag out before you get fatigued.
No rules here except only one partner working at a time. Oh and you cannot move on until all of one movement is finished. So there are two rules. Plus all of the movement standards that your coach will be more than happy to remind you of. Make sure the barbell is super light and your T2B progression allows you to complete 5 to 10 every set.

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