WOD – Thursday 12/20

Help. Today. The Port lends a Holiday hand. 10:15 to 11:15 at Gather.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, :30 of work/:30 of transition time (work through at least 3 rounds)
Empty bar deadlifts
HS holds
Inchworms with just a down dog

Posterior chain prep for strength

Deadlift – 3×10; AHAP
30 reps should take way longer to perform than to warm-up to. The weight is going to be heavy because of reps, being at a lower percentage than normal. Think between 65 and 70%. Because of the fatigue you will be facing at the end of each set, use your breathing to stay tight and focus on using your big muscles.

“Be the Difference”
5 rounds each
15 deadlifts (185/125#)165/105#)
10 HSPU’s
15 box jump overs (24/20#)
* you go I go.
The main focal point is going to be the HSPU’s. How are you going to attack them, and if you cannot, what is going to be your progression of choice? What makes the most sense for you. Remember, you are not allowed more than 1 Abmat and 1 ten pound plate to scale the HSPU’s however changing the ROM should be the very last resort.
Piked on a box or even regular push-ups will come into play during the 20+ minute workout.

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