WOD – Thursday 12/5

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, PVC mobility as a class
The Port snatch warm-up

Snatch complex, long – 1 snatch pull + 1 power snatch + 1 hang snatch + 2 OHS
Complete 1 lift E:90 for 6 to 8 total sets.
This one will help you get better regardless of your weakness.
Bad pull from the floor – the snatch pull is aimed to help you pull from the floor much better because it’s priority is to force you to hit the hang and high hang position with something that you plan on snatching but doesn’t require the enormous triple extension that might be looming in your mind. Because we can slow the bar speed way down, this is a good opportunity to discover a good first and second pull.
Bad catch position and/or bad triple extension – the power snatch really focuses on cleaning up your footwork and catch technique. Since we do not have to get under the bar, moving our feet and catching the bar with a good, solid overhead position should be our second priority only losing to how aggressively can I make my triple extension.
Afraid to get under the bar – the hang snatch can be a hang squat snatch today and since there isn’t a whole lot of technique to pulling from the hang, we can use this lift to get better at pulling ourselves under the bar.

Partner WOD w/OHS
2:00 working intervals
Max effort cals on rower
Max reps in metcon below
10 power snatches (75/55#)(65/45#)
10 OHS
2:00 rest, x5
*switch whenever you want on rower and barbell
Intended stimulus – mini sprint session with your favorite CrossFit partner.
You and your buddy have 2 minutes to accumulate as many reps and calories as possible. You both will be working at the same time however one will be on the bike while the other will be on the bar. You can switch whenever you want, but be smart because you could wear out quickly if you do not plan this one out. After each 2 minute session, you will get a 2 minute rest so there will be some time to recover. That could be somewhat comforting if it wasn’t for your damn partner screaming in your ear.

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