WOD – Thursday 2/20

3 rounds
:30 on any machine
:30 SA KB clean and presses
*switch whenever
:30 KB sumo deadlifts

Quick mobility session

4 rounds
5e SA DB push jerk
50’ waiters carry each arm
Plank hold complex
*complete :30 in plank and :15 on each side, all on elbows.

“Used to Being”
With a buddy, accumulate as many burpees as you can, you must switch every 1:00
for 10 rounds each, so 20:00 total.
8 cals ski, row or AB
8 HSPU’s
ME burpees to rig
Intended stimulus – a tricky approach here because it isn’t like some of our recent partner WOD’s where each partner is required to complete a very specific amount of work before switching. Today, you have to blast through some work and then accumulate as many burpees as you can with the time remaining. The work that you must complete is going to tax you for those burpees, so be smart and have an idea on how to approach each set.

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