WOD – Thursday 2/22

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Then, 3 rounds
200m row
10 deadlifts
10 bent over rows
10 front squats
*feel free to add a little weight each round of the warm-up

Full mobility session.

A. Front squats – 10×1@40%
Speed focus with tempo; 50X0. Meaning 5 seconds down, no rest at the bottom, explode up and then rack the bar. Again, light/speed day. Stick to percentages because tempo will be strictly enforced.
B. Deadlift – 5×3; building to a moderate set, not exceeding 80%.
Take this time to warm-up for the WOD and a time to get some lifting volume in. Think about the 3rd set as being the weight you plan on using in the workout.

60 wall balls
40 burpee touches
20 deadlifts (275/185#)
*12 min CAP
Really fast, dirty WOD of the week. 12 minute time cap. Pushing the wall balls here might have a huge impact on the burpees. However, pushing the burpees will have no impact on the deadlifts. So, whats your plan?

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