WOD – Thursday 3/1

Happy March 1st!

Week 2 of the Open is upon us. Any guesses? Is Castro done with the long workouts? Are the dumbells going away for the rest of 2018? Are we going to see some high skill gymnastics this week?

Don’t forget, meeting tonight at the gym to discuss heart rate training. Come listen to some science.

Sign into Wodify and spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10 push press
20 walking lunges
10 ring rows

10 perfect split jerks

Front rack, OH and lunge mobility

Split jerk – find a heavy single off the rack
10 min running clock here

5 min test – max cals on row

“Tricky Journey”
12 min AMRAP
Alternate rounds
3 burpees over the DB’s
6 wall balls
9 DB deadlifts (50/35#)
*only 3 min rest between B and C
The entire day today is done with a partner. You must find a split jerk weight together. Get as many cals on the rower together. And then complete the WOD together. Only one person is working/lifting/rowing at a time regardless of what section you are in. You can move from section A to section B when you are ready, but you can only spend 10 minutes at the most working on a max weight. After the max calorie test, you can only rest for 3 minutes before beginning your AMRAP. In the workout, P1 does a full round before tagging in P2.

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