WOD – Thursday 3/28

Looking back at your open performance, what are things that went well and what are some things you might need to work on. Reflecting on the last 5 weeks will really help you fill some gaps by working on your weaknesses. Your coaches are here to help.

Was it your engine that failed you? If so, the Port has a 6-week engine building program that you can add into your training. It’s 2 additional sessions a week, on the rower and/or assault bike and it’s guaranteed to help your overall endurance.

Was it a certain skill? Find a coach and schedule your skill session. You know they are built into your current membership. Or, if you want help developing a skill, make time to work with a coach and build a plan.

2 to 3 rounds based on individual needs
15 cals row
10 sit-ups
5 divebomb push-ups

Banded hamstring mobility

Warm-up the deadlift
Spend 10 minutes lifting in sets of three just to get the deadlift warmed up. Then spend some time with your partner and go through the movements. There are some rules you must follow.

“Cinderella Story”
25 min AMRAP
40 deadlifts (225/155#)(185/125#)
30 partner sit-ups w/med ball
20e push-ups
10 synchronized burpees
*deadlifts and push-ups must alternate. Non-working partner must hold plank while your partner is doing their push-ups.
**each partner must do a sit-up each time, one has the med ball. Pass every rep.
Making rules is the best when it comes to partner workouts. So the first is everyone has a bar and in order for your partner to accumulate some deadlift reps, you must have your bar locked out. You can switch whenever you want, but you cannot go until your partner had their bar standing up. Secondly, the sit-ups are each, however, only 15 of them will be with the med ball. So you each will do a sit-up every time, but you will pass the mad ball every rep. Third, just like the deadlifts, you must be in a plank position for your partner to accumulate push-up reps. And lastly, the burpees must be synchronized, so that’s 10 each.

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