WOD – Thursday 3/29

Don’t forget. Last week to sign up for PortSwole.

PortSwole is a program aimed to give you a break from the high intensity, high impact movements of CrossFit. With the summer approaching and the grueling Open just ending, PortSwole will keep you in the gym working towards being fit but with a slightly different goal. This program will replace a lot of the full body movements like the Olympic lifts, thrusters, wall balls and burpees exercises and instead focus more on unilateral and single joint movements. Front rack lunges, weighted step-ups, single arm presses, bicep curls and tricep extensions are a few examples. This specialty course will get you strong, tone, sculpted and ready for the beach season!

Those who sign up for PortSwole will receive their weekly programming on Sunday which includes 3 days of training. This programming can be completed during open gym hours or during classes as long as you’re not a distraction. There will be a generic warm-up and short mobility piece each day, but the lifting period will take anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes. It’s expected that you will be replacing the daily WOD with PortSwole on the days you go in to train. Helpful videos will be included in the email and any questions you might have can be asked in the PortSwole forum on Facebook or in an email to me.

If you need help or would like to lift with a coach’s supervision the normal PortFit hours can be scheduled (8am on Tuesdays/Thursdays and 5:15 on Thursday) as a meetup time. Just shoot me an email that you would like to meet. I encourage the PortSwole participants to lift together, but all of these movements can be done by yourself and none will require a spot because percentages will always be between 60 and 80%.

If you are interested, please shoot us an email so we can reserve you a spot.

6 Weeks – 3 days of programming each week


Sign into Wodify and grab a rower.
Round 1 coach led, rounds 2 and 3 on your own
400/300/200m row
10/8/6 with a barbell
Deadlift. Hang clean. Clean.
Front squat
Press. Push press. Push jerk/split jerk.

Quick mobility session

Weightlifting complex – 1 squat clean + 1 hang squat clean + 1 jerk
8 min EMOM; build or stay across.
Both cleans can be power or squat depending on goals. Think about what is going to help you get better. Staying within your comfort zone and power cleaning might be holding you back regardless of how much weight you can move. Maybe lighten the load and squat clean one of the 2 lifts.

“Full Bag”
20 min AMRAP
60/45 cals on AB
40 wall balls
20 burpee box jump overs rope climbs
*every round rope climbs decrease by 1 rep
Little rope climb action. Reps go down by 2 each round. If you and your partner complete more than 4 rounds, the rope climb reps stay at 2.

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