WOD – Thursday 9/28

Remember LumberJack20 is this weekend at The Port. That means there are no group classes. If you have signed up to help, we couldn’t be more appreciative. If you have some free time, come hang out for a bit.

Also, our team series starts next week with the first workout being released for Thursdays group class. You must do the workout with your partner, so make sure you find a time that works for both of you. If you have no idea what I am talking about, please come find me, shoot me and email or a text.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds with a barbell
8 power cleans
8 front squats
8 push jerks

Couch stretch
Wrists and shoulders

Weightlifting complex – 3 power cleans + 2 front squats + 1 jerk
Very long complex that will test the lungs as much as the muscles. Focus on the form for each movement and be as efficient as possible. Jerk can be any kind of JERK, so a push press is a no rep. Wouldn’t want that on the very last movement.

“Lumby Jack”
20 min AMRAP
20 OHS (95/65#)(75/55#)
400m run
20 hang squat cleans
400m run
20 OtB burpees
400m run
*runs must be done as a 200m relay, reps can be split up however you’d like

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