WOD – Tuesday 10/15

Week one of the Open has already come and gone. If this is your first open, you were introduced in a very ‘trial by fire’ kind of way. Really hard workout to start with, but it was also very approachable. Not anything too high skill, just high engine. Remember, this week we will do the Open workout in classes all day Friday and also hold the greatest thing that we do at the Port, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!!!!! We do not run classes on Friday nights, however, you will come in, sign up for a heat and warm up on your own. If you have any questions, find a coach.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 4 min AMRAP
10 strict press left
50’ waiters carry
10 strict press right
50’ waiters carry
10 sit-ups

Shoulder mobility

CF Strength
A1. Strict press – 7×2
A2. Chin-ups – 7 sets of 3 to 5 reps. Make them hard, so add weight if possible.
The chin-ups should be made as difficult as possible. No matter what scaling option you chose, the 3 to 5 reps should be hard. If body weight ring rows fit that piece that’s great. If you have to add weight to your chin-ups to make 5 reps hard, grab a belt and some weight.

“Automatic Update”
3 rounds
50 sit-ups
35 KBS (53/35#)(44/26#)
200m DB farmers carry (50/35#)(40/25#)
Intended stimulus – slow and steady. Nothing heavy or of high intensity, so 70 to 80% effort the entire time.
A grip killer where your only reprieve will be the sit-ups, unfortunately, there are a lot of them so don’t get stuck in too slow of a rhythm. Find a pace that you can maintain and stick with it.

Today is a good opportunity to invest in doing even the simple things well. For example, the sit-up. If you are someone who hates the shower after a lot of sit-ups because you get the dreaded raspberry, then try to focus on what you’re doing and try to fix it. The reason why you are removing the skin off your lower back during a sit-up is because, while you’re trying to increase your speed, you’re allowing your hips to come off the ground as you lay back and then jamming them into the ground as you sit up as a way ti kip. This might help you go really fast, but you are hurting yourself in the process which is the easiest way to figure out whether you are moving well or not. If you hurt yourself, you are not moving well. Today, try to focus on keeping the core engaged through the entire movement, keep your hips down and do not allow the lower back to rub across the abmat. You might find the shower won’t be so bad.

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