WOD – Tuesday 2/26

19.1 has come and gone. We are on to 19.2. The competition is fierce already. Huge props to all the efforts in the first CrossFit Open WOD of 2019. Let’s keep it up for week 2.

Remember when we did Nate a few weeks back? Well, the results are in and the Port almost completed a clean sweep.
Gym that Raised the Most Money: CrossFit The Swamp (we came in second place)
Gym with the Most Total Rounds Completed: CrossFit Portsmouth
Highest Individual Score – Male: Justin Mahan
Highest Individual Score – Female: Sophie LaChance
Thank you to everyone who participated and donated. Such a cool event.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 4 min AMRAP of
5 strict pull-ups or 10 ring rows
10 push-ups
15 OHS w/PVC

Quick shoulder mobility

A1. Strict chin-ups – 5×5
A2. Banded tricep push-downs – 5×20
Upper body pull for strength and then push for hypertrophy. So really make the pull-ups hard.
Can’t do pull-ups?
Grab a partner and help each other. Partner assisted pull-ups are one of the best modifications because you can control how much help you receive during the entire pull. With a band, the most help is done at the bottom when the band is fully stretched and decreases as you get closer to the top. This produces a strong pull from a bent elbow and doesn’t build the strength through the full range of motion. Mixing it up and applying a different progression will really help in all aspects of your pull strength.
Negatives are another good option as long as you pair it with a pull. For example, 3 hard negatives and 10 ring rows will really cover all angles.

“Moose Tracks”
15 cleans (135/95#)(115/75#)
21 C2B
12 cleans (155/105#)(135/95#)
15 C2B
9 cleans (185/125#)(155/105#)
9 C2B
This one is going to be fast, so make sure you have your weights planned out and ready. If you are someone who might need a break before the C2B then take the time to put on your weight after you last clean. Or if you think you need a break after your pull-ups, use that time to add weight. Either way, be smart and make sure you keep moving.

Try something here. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Whether that means going a bit heavier than normal, trying a hard pull-up progression or even holding on to the bar for a few more reps.

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