WOD – Tuesday 3/19

The Port’s March Madness bracket challenge has been created and filling out your bracket is easy. Follow the link below, pick your teams and pay your $5 entrance fee. Winner takes all.

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Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 4 min AMRAP w/single DB
10t front rack lunges
10e DB S2OH
10t plank hold DB switches

Banded shoulder mobility

A1. BB seated strict press – 4×6
A2. Plank hollow, banded row – 4x20t
The barbell seated strict press is done with you sitting on a bench, feet flat on the ground. Please make sure you understand the best way to take the bar from the rack and constantly be aware of not leaning back as you begin your press. The same rules of going overhead apply, even though you are sitting down.
1. Bar path must be straight. (a straight line is a strong line)
2. Shoulders must remain stacked over the hips while pressing.

To complete A2, grab a lighter band and attach it to the rig at the bottom. In the plank position, on your elbows, wrap one hand in the band and extend it fully towards the rig. Keeping your hips down and square, pull the elbow in towards the ribs and squeeze the scap. This movement requires a tremendous amount of core engagement while still challenging you to row with one arm.

“Have Been”
2 rounds
20 deadlifts (225/155#)(185/105#)
30 ring dips
40 sit-ups
Two rounds should be pretty fast. If you are scaling the weight in the deadlift, think about 2 or 3 sets. Going unbroken is not the goal unless you are Rxing the WOD and deadlifts ain’t not thang for you. Make sure you pick an appropriate scale for the ring dips. Here are your options.
1. Rx ring dips
2. Assisted ring dips with your feet out front on a box OR your feet behind with your toes on a box
3. Banded ring dips
4. Dips on a box or using the parallettes

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