WOD – Tuesday 4/4

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, CFP clean warm-up
3 rounds w/a bar
Round 1
10 deadlifts
10 high pulls from hang position
10 front squats
10 strict press
Round 2
10 cleans
10 front squats
10 push press
Round 3
10 squat cleans
10 jerks

Group mobility based on strength

Clean and Jerk – 10 min EMOM
1 perfect lift every minute. It can be a power clean or squat clean, a push jerk or split jerk. Find a coach, develop a plan and set up your rep scheme.
*We are going to be lifting using EMOM’s for the first part of our Olympic lifting cycle. The EMOM is such a great tool because it is so versatile, especially when putting so many on the same strength cycle. Think about it, in the EMOM, everyone hits the same number of reps, rests the same amount of time but puts on an appropriate amount of weight based on ability and goals. Thinking about the opportunity to lift in this fashion for the next 4-6 weeks, start to develop an understanding of how to approach the EMOM differently based on how you feel, and your goals for the day. Some will start at a certain weight and climb each minute, some will climb and stay at a certain weight, and others will climb the entire time. Don’t be stubborn and force something that is not there, because if you miss a bunch of lifts in a 10 min EMOM your volume suffers.

“Circles of Hell”
4 rounds
20/16 cals AB
25 T2B
30 wall balls (20/14#)
*T2B are definitely the limiting factor here. Make sure you scale appropriately. Which means challenging yourself, but not setting yourself up for failure. Trying to prevent the double kip and use the toughest stage of the progression based on you.

Cool Down
Lax ball on the shoulder – 5 minutes total

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