WOD – Tuesday 5/16

Coach Sophie completed her Level 2 CrossFit certification this weekend. Another huge accomplishment for her and our coaching team. Have you looked at some of the certifications that your coaches hold? It is pretty impressive. Take a second and check out the staff page, but don’t be in awe too much, we still put our pants on one leg at a time.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then 15 burpee broad jumps
Here I want you to focus on footwork; 2 positions – jumping and landing. Be explosive and warm-up those hips.
PVC mobility as a class.
Then, CFP snatch warm-up

Weightlifting complex – 1 power snatch + 1 hang snatch
Going to spend the time warming up the movement per the usual. You can choose to either squat or power the second snatch, but the hang position is a great time to learn how to get under the bar. Use the CFP warm-up to get comfortable with receiving the bar in the bottom of the OHS.

“Big Body”
1 round; AFAP
50t front rack walking lunge
*single KB in front rack position, complete 25 on each side
50 T2B
50 KBS (70/53#)(53/35#)
*every time you break up a movement it’s 5 burpees
That’s right. Every time you break up the movement, 5 burpees. Which means that no one is getting away without doing at least one set of burpees. Technically you’ll have to break up the lunges to switch sides of the KB. Might be more strategy to this one than at first glance. Breaking up the T2B is a tricky balance, go with big sets and it might spike the HR and burn out the shoulders for the burpees, go with small sets and it’s just going to take too long. Think about the athlete that you are, look at your strengths and weakness and come up with a plan of attack that best suits you.

Cool down
Child’s pose

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