WOD – Tuesday 8/7

This month we are going to run a challenge for the last 3 weeks that will take place outside of this gym. That’s right. No burpees. No Ab cals. No push-ups. No Tom Farina destroying the leaderboard, well maybe. During the month of August we want to see you use your fitness in any arena; from lifting bags of mulch to paddleboarding. It has to be something you walk away proud of, and thankful for how your work in the gym has made you better at whatever that task was.

Every time you do something super active outside you get a point, but you MUST post a photo on our private FB group and/or Instagram and/or text a photo to a coach to receive the point. You must tag @crossfitportsmouth & #theportoutside. The picture above is a great example of Eric T. using his fitness to save Coach Chad from falling to his death.

Let’s get after it. We have such an incredible climate in the summer. You work so hard in the gym, so show us how it has paid off. Hiked a mountain, biked route 1A, put a stone patio out back, or even dominated the beach volleyball circuit. Take a picture, tag the gym, hashtag and post it. Each time you do something you get one point, but you cannot repeat activities. You will not earn 20 points for biking to Lago’s 20 times in a row. Sorry.

You will all get one point if you show up on the 18th. A beach WOD is an excellent example of finessing outside. Heck, we will even take and post the picture. Easy peasy.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 to 3 rounds
10 strict press/push press
10 hang power snatches
10 OHS

Shoulder prep – coaches choice

Push press –; building to a heavy single, however, the triples and doubles should be close to a ME.
A common rep scheme for us lately. See if you can find a new 3RM and 1RM along the way. Start heavy and end heavier.

The strict press is 100% shoulders/0% legs, the push press is 50% shoulders/50% legs and the push jerk is 20% shoulders/80% legs. Sometimes we over prioritize how much work the shoulders should be doing. So really emphasize a good solid dip and powerful drive to help put heavier weight over your head.

“Shootin’ Doubles”
16 min AMRAP
10t SA DB hang clean and jerk (50/35#)(50/25#)
10 burpees over the DB
200m run
The single arm dumbbell hang power clean and jerk, such a great movement that was in the open this year. Working towards solid technique is really going to help you stay efficient in this one. So after your whiteboard session really try out a few of these at a couple of weights.

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