WOD – Tuesday 7/9

3 rounds
150m/100m row
10 deadlifts
10 hang cleans
10 S2OH

Full class mobility based on strength

CF Strength
Power clean – 1 lift every :90 for 6 to 8 lifts. Work up to a heavy single.
The power clean is something we have really tried to work on as an entire gym. And the majority of that work has been done in the catch position. We should continue to make that a focus because the better we can catch a barbell the more weight we can move efficiently.

We have done a good deal of front squatting lately and yes the power clean doesn’t necessarily need you to front squat to catch it, but there is more front squat in the catch of a power clean than you might think. If you were about to front squat a barbell off a rack, you would have the bar in a great front rack position; elbows high, bar resting on your shoulders. Your first move would be to push the hips back and slightly bend the knees. The perfect catch position. Today, it might help to think about starting to squat as you catch you power cleans. It might put you in a good position.

“Closing Remarks”
600m run
20/18 cals AB
400m run
15/12 cals AB
200m run
10/8 cals AB
25 power cleans (165/115#)
A lot of running and rowing before having to move a relatively heavy barbell 25 times. The running and rowing can be pushed pretty hard as you get closer to the end because once you get to the bar, singles might be the way to go. Finding a rhythm in you breathing and lifting will help you control your heart rate. And remember, once you are done with the cleans, you are all done.

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