WOD – Tuesday 8/6

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds with a barbell
10 deadlifts
10 hang cleans
10 S2OH (press/push press/push jerk)

Full group mobility

CF Strength
Hang power clean – 5×3 building to a heavy triple
This session is not meant to find a 3RM but rather accumulate as much volume as we can. Think about like a powerlifting session like a back squat or deadlift. Work up to a heavy weight and stay across or add a little weight. Try to see how much you can lift for all 5 sets instead of 1 really heavy set.
The hang position is the most important position in weightlifting simply because if we do not train ourselves as lifters, we are failing to do a number of things. The first is easily the biggest. Due to the position of the knees, hips, and shoulders in the hang position, it is key to engaging the big movers in this lift. The hips should be behind the heels, the knees should be over the ankles and the shoulders should be in front of the bar. Making sure all of this is true will fire the hamstring and glutes and ensure that the explosive product of the clean is a derivative of hip extension and not back and quad extension. Like the deadlift, we want the power to come from the drive the hips to a neutral position and not from picking your back and torso up. Secondly, by hitting a good hang position we are ensuring the bar path is changing to bring the bar slightly towards the body and not straight up and away from us.

So today lets work on just that, getting into a good hang position and seeing how much weight we can move with good form.

“Run and Gun”
1 mile run
25 clean and jerks (155/105)(135/95#)
1 mile run
25 min cap
This one will take a little bit of pacing. Too fast on the run and the barbell will feel like its stuck in molasses. Too slow on the run and this workout could quickly get away from you. Think about the 2k row we did last Monday and how we tried to break it into 3 segments. We can do that with the mile run, the first 400m, the middle 800m, and the last 400m. Make the first and last 400m relatively fast while the middle 800m should be a bit slower where your main goal is finding a pace and controlling your breathing. If you do this well, coming in from the first mile will allow you to get right on that bar.

The barbell is going to be heavy regardless so fast singles might be a really good option. Like we talked about in the last podcast, I like to put myself into situations where I learn something. It isn’t always the best strategy, but if I can walk away with a better understanding of how something affects me I consider it a win. That being said, I try to stay on the bar a little bit longer than I once did. Fast doubles or triples might be my strategy for today. It might not produce the fastest time, but it will teach me a lesson one way or another.

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