WOD – Tuesday 9/17

3 rounds
200m run
15 cal row
75’ waiters carry right
75’ waiters carry left
10 PVC overhead squats

Thoracic spine, hips and ankle mobility

CF Strength
OHS – 5×1 with a :02 pause in the hole
Work up to something heavy to complete all 5 singles, across.
The OHS can be the most frustrating lift because a lack of mobility in either the T-spine, hips or ankles will have a tremendous effect on how well you can complete the lift. Make sure you work your way through the mobility session so you understand your restrictions and take a few extra minutes focused on opening up that range of motion.

Today is about getting more comfortable in the OHS. Because there is a pause in at the bottom, you will have to decrease the weight on the bar in comparison to a normal single. That’s the idea, can you maintain tension through the entire ROM with weight on the bar. Do not rush here and have a realistic plan.

“Candy Mountain”
2 rounds
25 OHS (115/75#)(95/55#)
50/40 cals AB
This one is going to push your limits not only physically, but mentally. The best kind of workout. What is your approach here based on your abilities and your goals? Are you going to push the OHS and find your pace on the bike in response, or are you going to break up the OHS so you can really push the bike? Either way, having a plan will really help you through this one. Having a back-up plan will help even more. So talk to your coach and be ready before the 3.2.1.go.

Weight today should not be a major factor so do not load the bar so you have to put it down every 5 reps, but do not scale the weight so that you can go unbroken no problem. You want to aim to get these done in 2 or 3 sets.

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