WOD – Wednesday 1/1

New Year, who dis?
Happy January first. Welcome to a brand new decade.
Remember, only a 9am, nooner and 4:15 today.

Dynamic, coach led.
Group joint mobility with core engagement and running muscles focus

Death by 10m/sit-ups
Minute 1 – 50m + 5 sit-ups
Minute 2 – 60m + 6 sit-ups
Minute 3 – 70m + 7 sit-ups
Keep adding reps in that fashion until you can no longer complete the required work in the minute.
Intended stimulus – death by is an interesting set-up because the first few rounds there is very little effort. You are just feeling things out, seeing how hard you are going to have to work, and cleaning up transitions. If you want to make it into later rounds with this one, you must be efficient. Have an idea of when to push and when to back off, all while trying to keep your heart rate down and breathing under control.

A1. Bench press –
A2. Ring rows – 5×10
Treat every set as a max in A1. So try to make each AHAP.

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