WOD – Wednesday 11/2

Day 3 of #burpeesforbreaths
The CFP community pledges to perform 7 burpees (for the 7th chromosome) for 18 days (for more than half the CF population now being over 18 years old) in our support of our very own Jaime Dunaway, the Prendergast/CrossFit Wachusett family & all others who have been touched by Cystic Fibrosis.

Don’t forget, huge in-house throwdown this Saturday at the gym. It is going to be a blast, all you have to do is show up and throw down. There are going to be 3 WOD’s (Rx and scaled) and we will be done by 12:30. Make sure you are signed up by Friday so teams are set.

2 minutes Z1
2 rounds
20t walking lunges
:20s hollow hold
Farmers Carry- down and back
Waiters Carry- down and back

Set up a bar on a rack and discuss strength.
Sink Stretch
Reverse Sink Stretch
Bully Stretch
Shoulder lax ball smash

A1. Strict press – 5×3 building each set. Look to hit more than 10/15
A2. Weighted pull-ups – 5×3; AHAP
Classic push/pull

“Lucky Penny”
Buy in: 400m run
Then, 14 min AMRAP
20 KBS (53/35#)(35/26#)
20t goblet lunges
Buy out: 400m run
Very long and difficult WOD here; going to be harder than it looks.
What makes this one so much harder is the math you have to do before you leave today. You must look at the clock when you come in for the first run, because everyone will be at different times. There score is going to be your time in minutes and second minus however many reps you accumulate in your AMRAP. You MUST do the math right after you are done, while you “recover”. Math is hard, but it’s even harder when the nerves system is way overloaded.
Example if I finish in 17:50 but accumulate 6 rounds (240 reps). Then my score would be 13:50.
240 reps = 240 seconds
240 seconds = 4 minutes
17:50 – 4:00 = 13:50

Cool Down
Lax ball on the shoulders and banded shoulder mobility before you go. 5 minutes!!!!

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