WOD – Wednesday 11/8

Our second installment of our November challenge will require a different aspect of being present. However, we can not simply forget the habits we have started to create in the first week. I know it made me a lot more conscious of when I was thoughtlessly scrolling through social media. Something I hope to continue to work on.

Week 2’s lifestyle challenge deals with how we begin our day.

How many of us wake up in the morning helplessly inundated with:

Thoughts about how many things need to get done,
How little sleep we got,
Or what somebody said to us yesterday.
These thoughts set us on a course that can easily influence the rest of our day. Since these thoughts are negative, they can have a huge impact on our mood and energy.

Your challenge this week is to put these thoughts aside and begin each morning with a 10 minute thought session devoted to intentionally filling your mind with the good reasons to be awake. Think about something that you are lucky enough to experience, something that you GET to do, or something that simply makes you happy. Starting your day off on the right foot can make all the difference. It’s about creating your own beach. Positivity is a dangerous stimulant.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 rounds
10 ring rows
5 inchworms
10 wall balls
5 kip swings
10 hollow rocks

Banded shoulder mobility

A. Push press – 6×3; start at 70% and add weight after each set
B. Weighted pull-ups –; make them hard
*heavy 5 rep, 3 rep and ended with some heavy singles
Basic strength. Classic push and pull. Spending the extra couple of minutes to create a plan will really help you get the most out of your strength session today. Do not just aimlessly keep adding weight. Have a goal and work towards that goal.

“Different Strokes”
5 rounds
12t front rack lunges (53/35#)
60m shuttle run
*the run is to be done as a 5/10/15
Our odd WOD for the week. 2 KB’s in the front rack position. 12 TOTAL lunges in place, to an abmat. The sprint is set up so there are 3 cones, 5 meters apart. To complete one run, you will sprint 5m down and back, then 10m down and back, and finally 15m down and back. Running a total of 60m. When reaching any of the lines, you must touch the ground, since this is a shuttle sprint.

Accessory Work
Banded leg curls (laying on back, both legs at once today) – accumulate 100t
Good mornings – 4×10; with a barbell, add weight if possible

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