WOD – Wednesday 12/5

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, barbell warm-up as a class

Hamstrings and front rack position

8 min EMOM
2 power cleans, not TnG
*build or stay across
So let’s agree on something. When you perform the squat clean, the MOST important piece is getting under the bar. When we move to a power clean, the MOST important performance cue then becomes full hip extension. Because there is no squat portion, obviously, getting “under” the bar isn’t a priority. However, getting the bar to the shoulders does require full extension of the hips. Hip extension is done the right way when you fire the glutes and hamstrings. These muscles will aggressively snap the pelvis back into place and in doing so put a tremendous amount of force on the barbell. Try to feel that today.

“Search Warrant”
5 rounds
5 power cleans (185/125#)(155/105#)
9 box jumps (30/24”)(24/20”)
12 T2B
24/20 cals AB
Heavy barbell for the week. Be smart here. Singles are ok if you are right back on the bar. But if the weight is slowing you down too much, the bar is too heavy. If you are touch and going in the 4th round, you went too light.

Accessory Work
Half kneeling woodchops – accumulate 100t
Banded alphabets – 2 times each side

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