WOD – Wednesday 2/19

Group mobility session

All movements done for quality
10/8 cals row
20t walking lunges
10 deadlifts
10 hang clean
10 strict press
10/8 cals row
20t walking lunges
8 power cleans
8 push press
10/8 cals row
6 power cleans
6t front rack lunges
6 push press

A1. Seated BB strict press – 6×2
A2. Ring rows – 6×5 w/pause at the top
*false grip if you choose
With a barbell, off the rack. Make sure you understand today’s set-up and how to execute it safely and effectively

“Lead Feet”
20 min EMOM
1. 18/14 cal row
2. ME “Curtis P” (135/95#)(115/75#)
3. 2/1 rope climbs with no jump start
4. Rest
Intended stimulus – find a way to make this one approachable. Meaning if you row the entire first minute, lift the entire second, the rope climbs aren’t going to go well in minute 3. Make sure you are resting a bit after the row, and pacing the complex out appropriately. That way you can get your rope climbs done and enjoy a full minute of rest before starting all over again.

The Curtis P complex
1 power clean
2t front rack lunges
1 push press

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