WOD – Wednesday 2/26

Quick shoulder mobility with monster band

Work through 3 rounds for quality
10/8 cals AB
10 strict press/push press/push jerk/split jerk
10 air squats

Overhead Complex – 1 push jerk + 1 split jerk
Complete 1 lift EMOM for 8 min total
Start the EMOM light and build each minute or start heavy and stay across
Finding the right rack position today will be key. Remember, the priority for any explosive S2OH is getting the bar securely on the shoulders and in as much of the hand as possible. If you ignore this concept, you are simply losing a ton of momentum created by the drive of the legs.

“Junk Yard”
3 rounds
15 deadlift (185/125#)(165/115#)
20 burpees
25/20 cals row
30t DB step-up (50/35#)(40/25#)
Intended stimulus – A workout where you want to find a pace early and settle in quickly. Since the first two movements can significantly impact the pace you chose, maybe even force you into a pace you cannot hold, find a way to slow down those reps a bit so you can hold on for the entire 3 rounds. If you move responsibly and with purpose, there is no secret to this one, just work to be done.

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