WOD – Wednesday 3/13

2 rounds of increasing intensity
:30 on the bike
15 hang cleans
15 strict press (second round, push press)
15 back squats
* move through this quickly, get the HR up and sweat a little bit in this one.

Front rack mobility, standing child’s and sink

Push press – 3×3, 3×2, and 3×1; building the entire time
We have been lifting in this rep scheme a lot lately. It is a great way to build with some volume but will be helpful when we start some strength cycles after the open.

The push press is a leg movement disguised as a should movement. Get the bar into a solid rack position, dip straight down and use those big legs. Prioritize that drive because the more work your legs do, the less work your shoulder will have to.

“Open Season”
4 rounds
21/18 cals AB
15 HSPU’s
9 T2B
Rest 1:00
You could really push each aspect of this WOD. Very difficult gymnastics movements here, but you are going to get a bit of a rest after each round. That means you could attack each set with a more aggressive rep scheme. Take a chance and learn something about your capabilities as an athlete, you can always change your approach mid-workout.

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