WOD – Wednesday 3/29

Don’t forget, 17.6 is Friday night. Come have a beer and play some games to celebrate a hugely successful Open season. There will be a 4:15 group class and immediately following the fun will begin at 5:15. Bring a beverage to share and wear your open colors. See you then.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then 2 rounds
10 KBS
10 KB strict press (5L/5R)
10 ring rows
:30 hollow hold

Banded shoulder mobility

A1. Strict press – 5×5; AHAP across
Think about completing this as close to 80% as possible
A2. Weighted pull-ups – 5×4 w/90% of the weight you reached on 3/20
No building today. Warm-up to the weight and then use it for all sets and reps.

15 min EMOM
1. 15/12 cals on AB
2. 20 DU’s + 10 KBS (70/53#)(53/35#)
3. 15 wall balls (20/14#)
This one is going to be hard. And if you are stubborn it could get away from you. Think about it as a :40 work to :20 rest interval. You might not be getting a full :20 of rest during the transitions but you should definitely not be working up to the end of the minute.
Scale the amount of cals on the bike
Scale the weight of the bell
Scale the height of the wall ball

Accessory Work
Banded pull aparts – 3×20
Half kneeling high to low wood choppers – 3x20t (10L/10R)

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