WOD – Wednesday 4/12

I was recently asked ‘what are qualities I like to see in the athletes that I coach?’ and had to really sit down and think about it for a while. See, it’s easy to tell people what they should expect of me as your head coach, but narrowing down what I expect of the people I coach deemed a very difficult task. Should seem like an easy one. Someone who represents our core values, right? Wrong. There is more to it than that. I did some research; I read a few things, listened to a few podcast and watched a few inspiring movies.

You know what I came away with?

“In discipline there is freedom”

A really awesome way of saying, if we hold ourselves to a FEW really high standards, we get more accomplished. By limiting the rules and values we must follow, we become better people. Instead of frantically trying to stand by 5 principles, we can strongly stand behind 3.

I want to touch more on this at the end of the week, but for now, this is what I came up with. And people much wiser helped find the sexiest way to put it. I want you to be humble, hungry and happy. I want coachable, motivated people who love bettering themselves and find joy in the process. That’s my final answer.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 or 3 rounds
3-5 strict pull-ups
3-5 kip swings
10t KB strict press
10 hollow rocks

Banded shoulder mobility

Push Press – 2.2.2 cluster; build to a max weight
The goal is to hit 85% of your 1RM. BUT, you shouldn’t do more than 3 clusters over 70%.

14 min EMOM
Evens – 15/12 cals on the rower
Odds – 15 burpees
You guys know the deal on this one. Holding number is the most important piece. In order to do so, pace is everything. You should try to move slow enough to keep the breathing and HR down, but quick enough to give yourselves 10 to 15 seconds rest each round. It is shorter than normal because we are almost starting over again based on the time of year.

Accessory work
Pull-up program – Week 2
Pyramid day – start by doing 1, then 2, then 3. (rest :10 for every rep in the set, ex. after 3 pull-ups, rest :30). Build until you miss a set. When you do miss a set, rest 3:00 and then climb back down.
1 pull-up, rest :10
2 pull-ups, rest :20
3 pull-ups, rest :30
4 pull-ups, rest :40
5 pull-ups, rest :50
6 pull-ups, rest :60
4 pull-ups – missed set
Rest 3:00
5 pull-ups, rest :50
4 pull-ups, rest :40
3 pull-ups, rest :30
2 pull-ups, rest :20
1 pull-up, rest :10

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